We speak English

The Building

In the midst of Graz's University District rises the magnificent, nineteenth-century Palais Kottulinsky. Since December 2009, the building's basement houses the accordingly named Bar im Kottulinsky, which embodies a contrast of historical and modern that has also been reflected in the city of Graz ever since it received the title of Kulturhauptstadt in 2003. The well preserved, majestic architecture of the ancient building envelops a bar with youthful design and state-of-the-art technologies in terms of music, lighting, and ventilation. The Bar im Kottulinsky thus represents simultaneously a remembrance of the past and the epitome of modernity.

The Music

The bar follows the trends of the international music industry. Local as well as international DJs use one of the most modern DJ equipments in Graz to present a wide array of music genres, including House, Electro, Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop. Yet, the bar also offers a consistent schedule of events that divides the evenings up thematically; for instance, latin-american music is played on Tuesdays, a combination of classics and modern beats on Wednesdays, and House on Fridays.
The announcements for our events are available in German only. If you need help with the translation or have other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at office@kottulinsky.at, or post to our Facebook wall. If you are interested in our music program, you will find a list of the DJs, bands and other performing artists in the Friends section of this website.

The Bar

Reminiscent of a club, the Bar im Kottulinsky is an ideal location for visitors of various ages and tastes. All guests above 21 years of age are welcome, and are not asked to follow a certain dress code.
Because of its remarkable size, the bar is divided into three areas, which not only create variety through their individual counters as well as different designs and sound levels, but also guarantee the comfort of smokers and nonsmokers. The first area one enters contains comfortable booths and sofas as seating possibilities, for a quiet start of the evening. Equally cozy is the lounge toward the back of the bar, all or part of which is rentable for diverse events or private parties. While smoking is allowed in both areas, the nonsmoker area in the center of the bar represents a unique party scene without smoke nuisance, and with further seating options. Therefore, this division ensures not only the compliance with the smoking law that was enforced in Austria on July 1st, 2010, but also the increased „party mood" of a multifarious audience.
In the Bar im Kottulinsky, the highest quality is of primary importance. This focus is reflected in the bar's design as well as music, technology, service, and beverages. Although only first-class ingredients are used, the beverage prices remain moderate, thus the bar offers high quality at an attractive price.
Although the Bar im Kottulinsky contains numerous modern elements, it also stays true to the roots of the magnificent Palais Kottulinsky. The bar's lounge calls attention to its initial function as the building's kitchen, its culinary drawings continuing to be clearly visible on the walls. Furthermore, the basement's barrel vault is decorated with modern art, while the original bricks remain conspicuous, and commemorate the monumentality of nineteenth-century architecture inside this highly modern party location.


  • The landmarked Palais Kottulinsky was built in 1853 by Georg Hauberrisser, and a neobaroque façade was added in 1892.
  • 15 km of wires were installed in the entire bar.
  • The bar's multicolored LED-Ufo-illumination is unique, as it is an invention by the Bar im Kottulinsky team.
  • With an air flow rate of 10.000 m³/h, the air in the entire bar at its peak time gets exchanged completely within 5 minutes. 
  • 9 waiters and 4 waitresses attend to the visitors‘ drinking needs with alcoholic as well as nonalcoholic beverages. 
  • The bar's name is neither „Kottolinsky" nor „Kottulinky," „Kottulinksy," or "Kotulinski."


What to expect at the Kottulinsky?

  • 3 different areas, providing bar, club and lounge ambiance
  • various styles of music
  • smoking and non-smoking areas
  • english speaking bar team
  • high quality drinks
  • state-of-the-art technology and design

Where to find us?


The Bar Kottulinsky is located at the basement of Palais Kottulinsky at Beethovenstrasse 9, 8010 Graz

By foot

Beethovenstrasse is accessible for pedestrians coming from Elisabethstrasse as well as the traffic circle in front of the university.

By car

Since Beethovenstrasse is a one way street, drivers can only enter from the traffic circle in front of the university. Although customer parking is not available in front of the building, the streets of the University District offer countless parking spots.

By taxi

Just tell your taxi driver „Kottulinsky please!“ or else „Beethovenstrasse 9.“ Getting home per taxi is equally easy, as there are usually numerous taxis waiting right around the corner of the building.

By public transportation

The bar is also easily accessible with public means of transportation. The closest bus stations are "Universität/Mensa," "Universität/Beethovenstraße" and "Glacis." Current schedules are available at www.gvb.at.